Middle Age Electronics

Middle age Electronics:-Mainly meant for:-

  1. grade four
  2. grade five
  3. grade six

The circuit here will involve more than SIX but less than TEN components the package will contain printed circuit board, manual, lithium batteries (4.7v), solder wire, wires for connections.

In these categories the parent will guide the child on soldering process. In case of any doubt, the pack contains a telephone number which can be used to ask and will be directed.

The company will also provide VCD and DVDs disc to provide extra guidance in video form. We shall also have a website and a YouTube account to provide extra guidance on what to do.

The circuits here will be simple:-

  • Flash light circuit
  • FM radio receiver circuits
  • FM transmitter circuits (up to 50meters transmission range)

The circuits here will be simple:-

  • Musical circuits
  • Timer circuits
  • 20watts amplifier circuits
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