Early Child Age Electronics (Fill in the missing components)

Fill in the missing components or generally Early child age Electronics,:-is an educational program meant to equip young child with science skills at an early age. The program has been prepared by P.N.ROBOTICS Ltd   which is located in Eldoret Kenya.

At the age of 8 years, the child can fill in the missing components. This means P.N.ROBOTICS Ltd   has prepared a simple circuit with one component missing which the child is supposed to fill with the correct component which is in the pack.

After filling, the child will also suppose to power the circuit to make it work.

Early child age Electronics (Fill in the missing components) is meant for -:

  1. grade one
  2. grade two
  3. grade three

The circuit here will involve less than SIX components. The package will contain printed circuit board, manual, dry cells as a source of power (one of this categories:-AAA batteries, AA batteries or size D batteries), wires for connections. And the missing component.

In this category a child is only supposed to plug in the left component and be guided how to power.

In this categories the parent, guardian or the teacher, will guide the child on filling the component process and also go through the manual paper for guidance.. In case of any doubt, the pack contains a telephone number which can be used to ask and will be directed by an assistant from P.N.ROBOTICS Ltd

The company will also provide VCD and DVDs disc to provide extra guidance in video form. We shall also have a website and a YouTube account to provide extra guidance on what to do.

The circuits here will be simple:-

  1. Flash light circuit
  2. FM radio receiver circuits
  3. Simple FM transmitter circuits
  4. musical circuits
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