Electronic Mtoto Robotics

E.M.ROBOTICS (Electronic Mtoto Robotics) is a child Electronic Program that equip Him/her with electronic skills and knowledge at the early age. In this program a child will be provided with a printed circuit board, components for the same project ,Manual, Solder wire.

1.Manual: it’s a script that contains name of the work e.g. Timer circuit,Fm radio, Flash light circuit, Remote control circuits,Fm transmitter circuit ,Battery voltage monitor, Led indicator light circuits,Elctronic Dc motor control circuits, Electronic thermometer, Automatic lights turn on and turn off circuits,1oo watts inverter circuits,150 watts Amplifier circuits, Burglar Alarm circuits. circuit diagram and Connection instructions.

Every manual will contain a specific name.Example:if a child wants an FM radio, the manual will look like this:-


  • To equip young generation with skills, creativity and knowledge in Electronics. This will help solve day to day problems arising in the current world of technology .
  • To generate self dependent youth.
  • To developed positive attitude to young generation towards home production goods especially in Electronics.
  • Reduce unemployment among youth thus create stable country.
  • Reduce idleness among Youth. When youth are busy, The rate of crime goes down.


Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where young  people can come to find and discover anything they might want in Electronics.

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